The Great Indian Hell

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The Great Indian Hell – A Joke or Reality of Indians

Once a man was rushed to a hospital after he got a heart attack. The doctors came after declaring emergency situation. They check for his health and declare him to be no more. The man’s soul got released and was taken to the Pearly Gates. But, due to larger number of sins committed by him throughout his life, he was banned entry to the Heaven and was thrown to the Hell.

He looked at the Entry to Hell. After he entered the Hell, he observed that there are several number of gates to be entered. He observed closely, and came to know that there is a different type of Hell for people from different Countries.

He first checked for the American Hell, and inquired what type of punishment is given to those spirits who have lived their life down at the American Country. He was told, first you are allowed to sit on a electric chair and then a electric current is passed in it for nearly one hour, which makes you to remember the crimes and sins you have been committing down on the earth. Then shifting over to a bed of spikes, you need to sleep on it for one hour. Lastly, a Demon, recruited for the American Country, comes and beat you up for one hour.

He did not liked the treatment and he moved on. There he peeped in the German Hell, Japanese Hell, Australian Hell and much more type of Hell for other countries. The punishment given was near around the same like those given in American hell. Only, the fact remains that the time period for punishment for the spirit changes according to the sins done by his time spent on the earth alive.

Wandering here and there, he reached to the Indian Hell. He was astonished to see there is a mile long queue to Entry for Indian Hell.

He was told – What Country you are from? The man answered him, Russia.
He again asked – What for you asked me the information?
He was answered back – Actually, Even if you are from other country, We can allow to come in Indian Hell. You will have to manage something?
Man answered – I have nothing.
He was asked – You simply give us a consent that what you earn in the Hell, you will give us 50 percentage of the earnings and You are Welcome!
O.K. I agree – the man replied.
What type of punishment is awarded here to have such a huge line waiting to Enter Indian Hell? – he asked finally.
He was told – First you are seated for one hour on electric chair, then you are forcibly slept over a bed of spikes and lastly our demon comes and beats you whole day.

He was overwhelmed and asked again – The punishment is same as American and all other Hells, but there is no such queue.

Then someone from the queue itself clarified – Due to more population down on earth, there is rush over here. The maintenance is low. No Power, hence the electric chair won’t work. Most of the sharp spikes from the bed are stolen by people. Finally, the Demons working here were working in Indian Administrative Services, and due to their routine life, they signed on the attendance registers and moved to Canteen for refreshment every day.

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