Funny way to grab Alms from God – A Funny Reality

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Once upon a time, there was a Pundit who have three disciples, Bhola, Shankar and Kedar. Each of them strictly followed their guru. At the end of training, they are sent to different places as a post of pujari – a priest – for the maintenance of Temples and to look for the daily offerings for God.

One year later, they met each other at a railway station when they were travelling.

They started discussion about the life they were living. Then, a topic emerged about the alms money, that they get at the temple. The topic was big critical and emotional, as the use of alms collected is the serious topic for a priest.

Bhola  said, “I put the puja thaali – holy plate – in the middle of the room. People threw the coins towards puja place. Those fall in thaali, I keep that to myself and use the rest for the maintenance of the Temple.”

Shankar said, “I also follow same principle, only change is  I place a piece of cloth on the floor. People threw coins. Those fall on the cloth, I keep that to myself, and use rest for Temple maintenance.”

Kedar, got angry and upset, hearing all these facts. Angrily he said, “You both are the looser. You are making no use of God’s blessings. That’s why you look like a stick, you had not got proper food for your living. Don’t you remember Guruji’s words. He used to say, Believe in God and he will give his blessings in any form to you, it’s your turn to identify God’s blessings.”

Bhola and Shankar got confused and said, “Look Kedar, What’s wrong in it? Let us know, what you do to the alms?”

Kedar replied, “Do you agree that these alms and funds are the blessings of God?”

Bhola and Shankar agreed.

Kedar continued, “By asking the people to throw the alms at the idols, you are insulting the Almighty. Tomorrow, you both come to my temple and look the proper way of using the Alms as they are ultimate God’s blessings.”

Both, Bhola and Shankar, went to temple the very next day.

What they watched after completing the daily prayers, Kedar first announced to have the Holy Prasad to everyone present there. Then, Kedar, like his routine placed a cloth on the floor. He then asked the people not to throw the alms on the cloth but to properly keep the alms, coins or whatever on the cloth, they are capable of. Then, the people in there formed a queue, and properly everyone according to their capacities placed Fruits, Dry-fruits, Coins, Notes, and etc. things on the cloth. When everyone’s gone, Kedar, grabbed the cloth and tied the cloth tightly, and then, he came outside the temple. Now, he asked his two friends, “God is right up there?” by pointing his hand upwards. Bhola and Shankar accepted.

Now, Kedar threw the tied cloth up the sky and yelled, “Hey God, these are your alms. Keep whatever you want and give remaining to me.”

There Kedar catches the alms cloth and both Bhola and Shankar, fainted.

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